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Chicks and Chicken Wings

You can learn a lot about a female by the way she eats food, in particular a chicken wing. A rather silly analogy, but just allow it to sink in and I assure you that it makes sense. Just like life, chicken wings are messy and it takes hard work to get to the good stuff. There comes a time and place for etiquette in life but, a restaurant that serves chicken wings, all manners are out the window. Are you the type of woman who cleans her hands after each bite or do you prefer to wait until your hands are covered in buffalo sauce to clean them off (either with a wet nap or your mouth.. no judging here)

What kind of girl is more appealing to a man? As a woman, I cannot personally speak for the male population but, let me give my best low down. When it comes to sex appeal, chicken wings are not on the usual list of sexy foods like strawberries and chocolate but, like I stated you can tell if a girl is confident or insecure by the way that she eats a wing. A woman who is constantly wiping off the excess sauce off her face in my humble opinion maybe struggling with an insecurity that she might not even know she possess. The confident, secure woman eats a chicken wing like a man, and you better believe that she licks that sauce off her fingers. Any woman who can do this in public and especially in front of a man is clearly at peace with herself, she is not worried what the person across the table is thinking about her.

The next time you are asked out on a date and the man takes you to a wings place; do not opt for the chicken salad. Show the man you can hold your own and eat those wings like you run this shit.

Where You Should Eat Your Wings and Drink Your Beer: If you’re in the DMV

Buffalo Wild Wings

Buffalo Wing Factory

Jimmy’s Old Town Tavern

Eat Messy and Be Sassy 🙂

Do You Eat Chicken Wings?



Were the Rolling Stones Right?

You can’t always get want you want… seems simple enough, right? Ha! If only some of us were able to truly grasp the concept.

Are you the type of girl who is constantly chasing a married man? Or on the flip side are you a man who loves a girl that gives you a challenge? Is it the actual person or the chase itself that is appealing? 9 times out of 10 I’m going to guess that it is the chase.

When it comes to the game of dating, both men and women go after what they can’t have – at some point, be honest with yourself and think about it. Take (insert any romantic comedy) for example: guy meets girl, girl blows guy off, guy now wants girl, girl concedes, guy wins and they live happily ever after blah blah barf. OHH, but here is the reality, it doesn’t work that way!

I am using my love for sports as an analogy here. In baseball you run to catch the ball and after you catch it what is the first thing that you do? You throw it back.

I would be lying if I said I didn’t like to play a little game of chase. Women love playing hard to get, we love the flattery behind chasing, but have any of you women out there been the chaser? Which is more appealing to you? As someone who has been both the chaser and the chasee (forgive me for making up words) the spark dies. Eventually you are no longer being chased and you find yourself in a relationship. How the heck did that happen? I’ve found that you both get bored when you start a relationship like this. You stop having fun and end up miserable.

So let me give you some advice… lets date people we actually like and they like us in return! Stop waiting around for the man who will never leave his wife, the one you want to fix, or reaching for someone who doesn’t even know you exist.

 I challenge all of us to not only agree to a first date if someone asks, but to go out on a limb and ask someone who you have been eying for a while. They will never know how you feel until you make the statement and who knows someone that you think is all wrong could be all right! But let me also add this, if there is nothing there do not try to force it.

I could be all wrong, but in all my own personal experience (which is all I have to offer) they have ended badly. But, remember every rule has a flaw, because you just might find you get what you need, thank you Mick Jagger

Stay Sassy!

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